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When it comes to comparing quality, cutting edge technology, innovation and the best customer satisfaction in the Central Vacuum Cleaner industry, Dream Vacuum raises the bar. We are often imitated, but never duplicated. There is a reason why Dream Vacuum is the undisputed leader when it comes to centralized vacuum cleaner systems. We provide the best quality central vacuums at very competitive prices and treat every customer with respect and prompt, friendly service.

Advantages that will convince you:

Dream Vacuum offers a wide range of central vacuum systems with unsurpassed performance. Our fine reputation was earned the old fashioned way - honesty, hard work and treating every customer with respect and prompt friendly service! See for yourself the many advantages our central vacuum systems offer. You will understand why our products are sold worldwide.

The power of the air suction at the end of a 30’ long flexible hose is many times stronger than that of any conventional floor vacuum cleaner.

You can move from room to room and up and down stairs without lugging large and heavy equipment.

Dream Vacuum helps relieve allergies by keeping the air in your home cleaner. Dust and germs can be carried away from living areas instead of being recirculated as they would be with a portable or cyclonic vacuum system.

The ball-bearings of our motors are not mounted on plastic but rather on aluminum.
The motors are protected by a revolutionary filter attachment that:

- Is removed easily and can't be installed in the wrong position.
- Can't be displaced by suction once properly snug in position.
- Has a more airtight tank because it will keep its original shape and is easy to install.
- Has a large relay that assures thousands and thousands of trouble-free starts and stops.
- Has a transformer, a relay and circuit breaker that are not integrated in a single module.

Dream Vacuum was the first manufacturer to create a sound proof vacuum system (model 3000 & 4000) in 1987.

Dream Vacuum has been manufacturing central vacuum cleaners since 1977 and is always innovative with their designs and the performance of their products.

Dream Vacuum products are the best central vacuum cleaners on the market based on quality and price.

Our central vacs are sold through many outlets including Sears, eBay, Amazon, Shopify and our 3 websites. Over 23,500 happy customers can't be wrong. Isn't it about time to uppgrade to a centralized vacuum system?

Central Vacuum Systems, Installation Kits & Accessories.

Dream Vacuum will work with your new or existing central vacuum installation. If you are thinking of switching brands, we are here to tell you that choosing a Dream Vacuum will make it easy! We carry everything you need to install your new central vacuum system. We also stock all replacement parts to ensure your system is always running its best. And we have the accessories that will make your central vacuum experience even better.